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Round Briquettes with no hole are made from birch and pine tree sawdust. Compression is made at 300 atm. pressure and 150 º C without the use of chemical additives and binders.

Technical Information:
Dimensions 90 x 300
Ash content ~ 0.5%
Humidity <10%
Calorific value of ~ 17.5 to 20.2 MJ / kg
Packed in 10 kg polyethylene bags 5 briquettes in bag.
Pallet weight can range from 870 – 1000kg

We deliver around 800 tons of round briquetts every month. Please contact us to get our quotes.


Round wood briquetts are made of saw dust formed and cut by length.
Our briquetts are of 70mm in diameter and 250-280 mm in legth.
Packed in 10 kg plastic bags and 960-1000kg on a pallet.
These briquetts are very clean and contains only 0,5-0,55% of ash.
We can offer around 400mt per month. Please apply for quote.